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Riley Horseboxes is a custom horsebox manufacturer which is operated by George Riley at Murrumbateman NSW. George grew up around horses and has always ridden. He started off eventing but after meeting his wife, Emily his focus turned to show jumping. George has built numerous horse bodies for himself and wanted to push the boundaries of both style and functionality. The result was Brett Parbery’s truck. It is perfect blend of luxury and practicality. The external styling was specifically made for the Mercedes Atego and achieves a finish like no other. The horse section is safe and elegant. At its completion George decided to take on more work and Riley Horseboxes was born.

George understands each client has individual goals and is happy to work closely with them to achieve what they desire. From simple float tidy ups, floor replacements, conversions, to new builds contact George to discuss your requirements



Being in the horse industry George appreciates and understands how important functionality is in a horse truck. With new builds there is an opportunity to incorporate this approach with high end design using modern materials to achieve a truly custom horsebox. 


Brett Parbery approached George wanting the style and luxury of a European Horsebox built to withstand Australian conditions.

The body was designed and built by George. It has enviable styling including a custom luton peak and cab farings.

The bespoke living area, features double slide outs, leather seating, designer handmade cabinetry, full shower with flush toilet, large sleeping area and a grooms bed.  

The horse section is fashioned around style and safety. Built to accommodate 6 large horses, the dividers are made from stainless steel, feature enclosed catches and are adjustable. Large windows and skylights complete the package.

If you are seeking a quality new build please contact George to discuss your requirements. 



Pantech conversions are basically transforming a delivery vehicle into a practical horse truck. A cheaper alternative to a new build which can be achieved in a lot less time. Riley Horseboxes has undertaken numerous conversions and can guide you through the process.   



You might have the right truck but need it altered to suit your changing needs.


The white Mercedes Atego had a good body to begin with but the horse section had flimsy dividers and did not fit large horses. Internal front and rear walls were redone with new rubber and stainless steel. Safe and simple new hot dip galvanised dividers were made to accommodate large horses

The second truck had adequate dividers for it's original purpose of transporting smaller horses.. The upgrade included more padding and support. A new hinging system to eliminate sharp edges and allowing for easier loading. The dividers allow various setups depending on horse size. 8 horses can be travelled straight across or the bays can be extended for 6 horses on the angle. There is also the provision to give extra width for poor travellers or mare and foals.   



Trailers can also be modified to suit your needs. This gooseneck was originally built for smaller horses. The low roof height and rear door design was problematic. The solution was to remanufacture the floor and raise the entire gooseneck. This gained over 1ft extra height in the horse area. New hot dip galvanised dividers, stainless steel and flooring in addition to a new tailgate and lift up rear door completed the upgrade.   



Riley Horseboxes

179 Casuarina Lane

Murrumbateman NSW 2582

George Riley


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